Rezign is a furniture collection by the Amsterdam-based design studio Planq, established by designers Anton & Dennis Teeuw.
With the furniture collection the young team aims to bridge the gap between contemporary design furniture and environmental consciousness. This by inspiring the world with their creativity and innovative way of leftover-use in contemporary designs. 


brand promise

to raise awareness

As we all know, the world is changing, as next generation we are there to create high quality porducts with an next-level design. But most of all creating awareness on the environmental problems we have to deal with.


“Not your daily pair of jeans you have sit on.”

By creating furniture out of textile leftovers and virgin materials we combine contemporary design with a solution for the world of tomorrow.

developing new ground

The rezign collection is not only a serie of products which are telling an environmentally responsible message; the products itself are part of the solution as well.